Joining BP Medical Aid Society

A great choice for staff and their families of BP Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd.

About joining

Only full-time employees of BP Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd are eligible to join BP Medical Aid Society as principal members.

Membership can be continued by the principal member if he/she leaves the employment of BP Southern Africa in certain situations.

Dependants who are not employed by BP Southern Africa can choose to continue their membership in the case of a deceased principal member.

The medical aid year

Benefit limits are usually allocated in yearly cycles (from 1 January to 31 December).

When a new member joins during the year, the benefits limits will be prorated.

Who can be dependants?

  • Spouse/Partner
    • Married
    • A certified copy of the marriage certificate
    • Partner
    • A person with whom the member has a committed and serious relationship akin to a marriage based on objective criteria of mutual dependency and a shared and common household, irrespective of the gender of either party.
    • Affidavit from the main member stating the relationship
  • Member's children
    • Children under 18
    • No supporting documentation required
    • Children over 18
    • Student - at a full-time recognised tertiary institute
      Annual student certificate of registration (student cards are not allowed as supporting documentation)
    • Unemployed
      Annual affidavit for family care and support
    • Employed - but earning less than R5000 per month.
      Annual affidavit for family care and support
    • Mentally or physically disabled
      Medical report from the treating doctor/specialist or
      proof that the child is receiving a disability pension
  • Family
    • The following family members are permitted to join the Society, if the member is responsible for care and financial support.
    • Brother
    • Sister
    • Grandchild
    • Grandparent
    • Mother
    • Father
    • Nephew
    • Niece
    • Annual affidavit for family care and support
    • Reason for allowing membership

How to join

  • 1
    Download the application for membership and record amendment form
  • 2
    Print and complete the form
  • 3
    checkProvide the supporting documentation for your dependants as stated above
  • 4
    peopleReturn the form to your Human Resources Department

General waiting periods

  • Prior to joining, if the applicant has not had medical aid coverage for:
  • period of more than 90 days and
  • not had previous continuous coverage for 24 months

General waiting periods may be enforced up to 3 months where claims will not be accepted, except for PMB conditions.

Condition specific waiting periods

For pre-existing conditions, waiting periods may be enforced up to 12 months, depending on policy underwriting. During this period you are forbidden to claim for treatment for these conditions.

The waiting period for existing pregnancies may be enforced up to 9 months.

If you are already registered on the LifeSense HIV Programme no waiting periods will apply.

Late joiner penalties

If a member or dependant joins the Society and they are over the age of 35 with gaps in their medical aid coverage history, the scheme can legally impose late joiner penalties.

BPMAS does not impose late joiner penalties if the member joins the society from the date of their employment.

  • This concession only applies to:
  • The main member
  • Their spouse or partner
  • Their children
Calculate your Late Joiner Penalty